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5 Tipps for your holidays in Sri Lanka

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1. THE WELCOME 5 Tipps for your holidays in Sri Lanka

When you greet each other in Sri Lanka, you put your palms in front of your body at the height of your heart and say "Ayubowan" (i.e. I wish you a long life). Shaking hands is not common here.


When you are invited to someone in Sri Lanka fruit, cake, money, or porcelain are appropriate gifts. The bottle of alcohol or the flowers are not really appreciated. If you enter the house or the temple, you should not wear shoes. If you are invited to dinner, the host family will not sit at the table and talk to you. You will sit and the hosts will serve the guests while standing. This is how people show respect in Sri Lanka.


The western way of wearing clothins, where we show a lot of bare skin, is rather taboo in Sri Lanka. Bikinis and miniskirts are not worn by local women. Reasonable clothing is recommended. In the temples skirts and shorts should always be worn over the knees as well as tops with shoulder coverage.


When you are about to pack your bag and leave Sri Lanka, check if there is something that you can leave for the locals. Maybe you have some clothes, shoes, bags or glasses that you no longer need. Even the half-empty bottles of Schampo are much appreciated by the people of Sri Lanka.


Religious pictures or statues are treated with the utmost respect. Taking a selfie with a Buddha / Shiva statue is not recommended. So you turn your back on divinity. In Europe it is very popular to have a Buddha / Shiva statue in the flat. According to tradition, no religious images are to be put on the ground, rather they should be placed above the shoulder level. Flags on flip flops or tattoos with Buddha / Shiva should be completely avoided.