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Climate in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka you can find a tropical climate, which depending on the location and season can show very different temperatures and humidities. The average annual temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature around the island is very pleasing to most visitors. The temperatures on the beaches are between 25 and 29 degrees. This always depends on the influence of the currents and monsoons. Since it is a predominantly tropical climate, one finds an air humidity of 70% up to 90% percent on the island.

Sri Lanka can be traveled throughout the year. The south and west coasts are preferably toured between November and April with temperatures around 30 degrees. The northeast is best visited between May and October. During this time, the humidity in Sri Lanka is high and it can come daily to sudden rain showers. In the mountains it is cooler all year round. Where the coast is not protected by reefs, currents can be strong depending on the season and weather, preventing people for bathing and swimming. climate Sri Lanka - when to travel