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Renew the vows

· Sri Lanka
UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE Renew your vows on the sandy beach in Sri Lanka and make it an unforgettable experience! Whether on the occasion of a big wedding day or after an important event: Many couples want to renew their marriage vows after spending years together in thick and thin. It is not a legal act, but a purely symbolic act that emphasizes the togetherness of two spouses. In Sri Lanka many customs from ancient times are practiced for the wedding. The traditional Buddhist wedding is a big celebration. The bride and groom are accompanied by a group of dancers and drummers during the ceremony. In Buddhist weddings, the "Poruwa Ceremony" is an important event during the wedding. The wedding ceremony takes place, standing on a decorated wooden platform named "Poruwa". The exchange of the rings, giving blessings and other rituals, all take place when the bride and groom are standing on the "Poruwa"
Renew the vows on a sandy beach in Sri Lanka - wedding
LOVE PACKAGE   Our Basic package costs CHF 1200.- including VAT and contains the following:   
  • Organization
  • Decoration
  • Bottle of sect or wine for the couple
  • Small snack to the sect or wine
  • Wedding cake
  • Ceremony Master and musicians
  • Traditional Sri Lankan dancers and drummers
  • Jayamangala Gatha - Buddhist Blessing
  • Poruwa - Rituals on the altar
  • Oil lamp ceremony
  • Opening of the coconut
  • Small gift the the couple
  • Candle light dinner at the beach
  • Cocktails for the two
  • River boat trip
  To be booked additionally:  
  • Bride Hairstyle
  • Bride Make-up
  • Bridal Flowers
  • Riding on the elephant
  • Participation of a photographer including 25 electronic pictures
Possible planning of the day 10-12 Ceremony on the beach. 12-14 After the ceremony, a bottle of champagne is opened for the couple, the cake is cut into pieces and some appetizers are served. 14-16 The couple can now enjoy a great boat ride. 16-18 Time to get ready for dinner and have a rest. After 18 Romantic dinner on the beach, either as a couple or with other invited guests (in the package included is dinner for 2 persons)
Further details In order to renew your marriage vows, you do not need any documentation because it is a symbol ceremony. Whether the wedding rings are to be exchanged again at the renewal ceremony is determined by the couple themselves. Whether you are newlyweds or married for 60 years, each couple can solemnly renew their marriage vows. The duration of the marriage or the partnership is irrelevant for the renewal of the vows. The ceremony is performed by a ceremony master.   Foreign guests are welcome to participate. If more guests are expected to eat or drink, we are happy to make you an offer.