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What is Panchakarma?

· Ayurveda,Sri Lanka
Panchkarma is often referred to as the health cure par excellence. Panchakarma is a cleansing cure in Ayurvedic medicine. The cure rebalances stressed, stressed, irradiated and intensively working people. Ayurvedic philosophy means that we are born to be healthy. Therefore, all diseases are based on an overload of the body and / or the psyche.   The phases of Panchakarma Pancha stands for "five" and karma for "actions". The cure consists of five main actions that are supportedby massages. In order to regain balance, the body is cleansed from the inside and outside during panchakarma treatment. The cleansing of the inside is initiated by herbal medicine and nutrition, the exterior through massages, thermotherapies and rest. A classic Ayurvedic cure includes the 5 main actions: Vamana - therapeutic vomiting (used, for example, in chronic diseases) Virechana - small bowel cleansing Nasyam - cleaning of the nasal passages and sinuses Basti / Vasti - colon cleansing Rakta Moksha - blood cleansing by leeches (is used in severe serious diseases, is rarely used in classical cures)   A Panchakarma treatment is often divided into three phases: Purvakarma - pretreatment Pradhanakarma - main treatment Pashtatakarma - Aftercare Time brings peace and balance This philosophy is not about taking a pill and working full time the next day. It is more about the time, the peace and the attempt to do nothing as part of the healing process. Therefore, take more time, if you want to do an Ayurvedic cure. 14 days to 30 days is good. For heavier illnesses even longer.