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    individual travels

    We are travel specialists with a preference for wellbeing and wellness. We focus on Ayurvedic treatment holidays, yoga retreats, coaching vacations, round trips or beach holiday with excursions. Write us and we will put together an individual offer for you and your family. We gladly book your dream hotels anywhere at the island. We arrange a special event on this island for you, your family, friends or clients.

    www.srilankareisen.lk travel holidays ferien beach Sri Lanka

    Holidays with friends

    Catrin and her Sinhalese husband Bharatha from SRILANKAREISEN.CH have organized a dream holiday for us for three weeks. All the wishes of our family of four were fulfilled, we have seen many animals, visited a turtle farm, eating street food, enjoyed paradise beaches, visited a tea and a cinnamon plantation, bought jewelry, visited a temple and much more. We also had time, just to do nothing, to relax and enjoy our hotel Bobos Bed & Breakfast in Ahungalla. SRILANKAREISEN.CH is strongly rooted locally, this allows many beautiful encounters with the local people. At the same time they understand the European needs and responds to them. Our holidays could not have been more beautiful.

    Asja & Stefan from Switzerland, April 2018

  • Round trips

    Come with us around the island. We organize round trips, excursion, pick up and drops. All individually.

    from CHF 2'200.- per person, minimum 2 persons in the tour, incl. VAT, excluding flight costs.

    7 days round trip

    Sri Lanka Classic

    from CHF 1'350.- per person, minimum 2 persons in the tour, incl. VAT without flight costs.

    14 days round trip

    Luxury Pure

    from CHF 7'000 per person, minimum 2 persons in the tour, incl. VAT, excluding flight costs.

  • For your health and balance

    Sri Lanka now!

    srilankareisen.lk individual holidays

    Wellness Week BoBo's Bed & Breakfast

    two persons sharing a double room CHF 900.- incl. VAT excl. flight

    • 7 nights for two persons in a double room at BoBo's Bed & Breakfast, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka
    • Breakfast
    • Pick up and drop at the airport
    • 2 massages during stay per person






    srilankareisen.ch ayurveda light Sri Lanka

    14 nights Ayurveda light BoBo's Bed & Breakfast

    one person in a double room

    CHF 2900.- incl. VAT excl. flight

    • 14 nights for one person in a double room
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian mostly, no alcohol)
    • Pick up and drop at the airport
    • 1 treatment per day
    • Meditation and yoga daily
    • Doctor's consultation, medicine and oil
    • Fruit Juice, tea and water


    srilankareisen.lk individual holidays

    10 Days wellness with coaching

    one person in a double room

    CHF 1600.- incl. VAT excl. flight

    • 10 nights for one person in a double room at www.bobos.lk
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian or non vegetarian)
    • Pick up and drop at the airport
    • 1 massage per day
    • Introduction to coaching
    • 3 coaching sessions 
    • Coached by catrinrubenson.com


  • Our exclusive selection of Hotels

    We have hand picked this selection of hotels for you.

    14 nights Ayurveda Individual Duwabedda, Kosgoda Cinnamon Estate,

    CHF 3500.- per person, 2 persons sharing apartment incl. VAT. without flight costs.


    14 night Ayurveda Light BoBo's Bed & Breakfast, Ahungalla

    for one person in a double room

    CHF 2900.- incl. VAT excl. flight




    Pure Nature Ayurveda House Bentota Sri Lanka

    13 nights Pure Nature Ayurveda House, Bentota

    from CHF 2'800.- per person incl. VAT without flight costs.

    Ananda Ayurveda Resort Kosgoda Sri Lanka

    14 nights ANANDA Ayurveda Resort, Kosgoda

    from CHF 4000.- per person incl. VAT without flight costs.




    Roman Lake Ayurveda Balapitiya

    14 nights Roman Lake Ayurveda, Balapitiya

    from CHF 2'750 per person incl. VAT without flight costs.

    Shakti Vani Ayu, Ayurveda, Kalkudah

    from CHF 3500.- per person incl. VAT without flight costs.


    Santani Wellness Resort, Kandy area

    From CHF 600 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    Kahanda Kanda, Koggala

    From CHF 400 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT

    Shinagawa Beach, Balapitiya

    From CHF 250 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    Imagine Villas, Kamburugamuwa

    From CHF 250 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    KK Beach, Habraduwa

    From CHF 250 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    Fort Printers Hotel, Galle Fort

    From CHF 220 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    Villa Nil Menik,

    Private Villa


    From CHF 80.- one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

    www.srilankareisen.ch Lassanai Residence Ahungalla Sri Lanka Zimmer

    Lassanai Residence, Ahungalla

    From CHF 100 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT

    BoBo's Bed & Breakfast, Ahungalla

    CHF 80 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.




    Design Hotel

    From CHF 200 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.


    Kumbukgaha Villa


    From CHF 150 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.


    Uyana Boutique Retreat & Hotel


    From CHF 150 one night for two persons incl. breakfast and VAT.

  • Ayurveda - we love

    Come to Sri Lanka and experience Ayurveda

    Ayurveda About

    Knowledge of Life

    Ayurveda is the over 5000 year old written medicine of India, which deals mainly with the maintenance of the harmony of body, mind and soul. The word Ayurveda is a combination of the words "Ayus," meaning "life" or "life principle" and "veda," which means a system of knowledge. In summary, "Ayurveda" can be translated as "knowledge of life". Ayurveda means "the knowledge of healthy life". Ayurveda tries to heal people in a holistic sense.

    Ayurveda is for whom?

    For men and women in the following life situations:

    • I have too much stress in life and need some rest.
    • I want to lose weigh, I need a detox.
    • In need to recharge my batteries, I need energy.
    • I'm close to burnout and need a break.
    • I have a specific illness, rash or pain, is Ayurveda for me?
    • I want to eat healthier.
    • I think I need a change in my life.
    • I love the vegetarian food in Ayurveda.


    Inner Wisdom

    Ayurveda makes you ​​more calm and order in your everyday actions and also in your feelings and thoughts. This creates a space for the development of creative processes and for spiritual growth. Learning to live from your inner live wisdom. This is the basic mission of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a philosophy of life that is used to purify the soul and detoxify the body. Ayurveda is a holistic life wisdom or life science that includes Ayurvedic massage and cleansing techniques, nutrition science, yoga and botany.

    Ayurveda - a life style

    A lifestyle for health and healing

    Ayurveda is not a cure in itself. It is probably a way of life, a way to understand life. It describes a lifestyle for health and healing. The focus and goal of Ayurvedic treatment is to activate the body's self-healing powers. Living in harmony with nature and with yourself often means that you have to purify your body energetically and physically and that you adapt your diet to your individuality.

  • Blog & News

    We blog about Sri Lanka, Sights in Sri Lanka, Happenings, Traditions. We update you with relevant and fun news and information about this fantastic country, people and culture. Enjoy!

    Uyana Boutique Resort & Hotel is nature and balance pure. Swimming in the 25 meter long pool you overlook the beautiful paddy fields and hear to peacock sing. This hotel is owned by a Swiss gentleman. It has a modern design and a tastful decoration. The suite rooms are spaciously built. The big...
    January 4, 2022
    Riff Hikkaduwa is an exclusive design hotel located at the beach in Hikkaduwa on the westcoast of Sri Lanka. The hotel has a very long pool located next to the beach. If you come for a shorter beach holiday or stay working as a digital nomad, it suits all needs. The rooftop bar offers a...
    Kumbukgaha is a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the golden cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. It is a privetly owned hotel with 6 villas overlooking the paddy fields. It offers excellent hospitality mixed with a local authentic kitchen. Enjoy the outdoor pool area after an adventourus day...
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  • srilankareisen.lk market travel aluthgama sri lanka


    Every Monday the colorful market in Aluthgama takes place. The market runs from the railway line towards Dharga Town. Here you will find vegetables, fish, tea, spices and clothes. To walk around at the market and deal a bit gives you a wonderful feeling out the real Sri Lanka life. The market is full of sound and excitement.

    srilankareisen.lk Sri Lanka Tours Holiday Travel


    There are about 56,000 inhabitants in the city of Ambalangoda. This is a the center of folk culture of the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The city is famous for the mask carving and cultural dance. This city is more about the locals than turists. Half a day in the city is very interesting.

    srilankareisen.lk cinnamon sri lanka holiday

    Cinnamon Plantation

    Sri Lanka is one of the largest manufacturers of cinnamon in the world. On this excursion, we visit a company that produce cinnamon in the area. We learn how cinnamon is produced, how cinnamon is grown, harvested and processed. We see the end products of the cinnamon production and can also buy some products: cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil etc.

    srilankareisen.lk sri lanka ayurveda holiday tours

    Ayurveda Pharmacy

    We visit an Ayurveda pharmacy. You can spend hours here. Powder, tea, cream, herbs, oils and other products are sold here. Everything for body, mind and soul. Products for detoxification, hair removal, skin, eyes, ears and lips. Everything for men and women.

    srilankareisen.lk Sri Lanka Tours Holiday Travel

    Kande Vihara Temple

    Close to Aluthgama, on Kande Vihara, the sacred mountain, is the largest seated Buddha figure of Sri Lanka. It is about 50 meters high and about 45 meters wide. It was completed in 2008 after many years of construction. The Kande Vihara Temple is a daily attraction for countless of believers.

    srilankareisen.lk Sri Lanka shopping travels tours


    Excursions for shopping are always very popular. The following products can be found at very good prices or from good quality: tea, moonstones and gemstones, Ayurvedic products, dresses, masks, cinnamon, spices, antiques etc. Come with us for a day or half a day of Shopping. We can take you close by in the region, go to Colombo or to Galle.

    srilankareisen.lk sri lanka tours turtle hatchery

    Turtle Hatchery

    A visit to the turtle farm is well worth it. Here you get to know the different types of turtles. We understand how the animals lay their eggs, what they eat, how to look after them, etc. In the farm we can see the newborn turtles, old turtles, disabled ones and even some few albino turtles. If you dare you can touch certain varieties as well.

    srilankareisen.lk sri lanka Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa Tours Holidays

    Lunuganga Estate

    The Lunuganga Estate was the home of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. He bought the estate in 1949. The 15 acre property is located on the shores of Dedduwa Lake, in Bentota. Bawa called the property Lunuganga, which means Salt River in Sinhala. Bawa continued to develop the house and the gardens in Lunuganga for forty years, until his death in May 2003. Since Bawa's death in 2003, Lunuganga has been run by a group of his close friends who make up the Lunuganga Trust. The gardens are now open to the public and the buildings on the estate are managed as a seasonal country house hotel.

    srilankareisen.lk Bevis Bawa Garden Sri Lanka Excursion

    Bevis Bawa Garden

    Bevis Bawa Brief Garden is a worthwhile destination for tourists in the region of the Beruwela / Bentota. It is located about 10 kilometers northeast of Aluthgama by the village Kalawila. The English landscape garden has been gradually created from 1929 by the owner Bevis Bawa from a former rubber plantation. The tour through the garden does not take long. Sometimes the path leads through jungle-like places, sometimes it opens the view over artificial visual axes. Opening hours 08.00-17.00, admission is chargeable. http://briefgarden.com

    srilankareisen.k ariyapala son sri lanka tours

    Ariyapala & Sons

    In the Ariyapala Mask Museum, a nice introduction to the folk culture of the masks and the meaning behind it. In the museum you will learn a lot about the history behind the masks. In the production area you will be able to admire the colorful and with much patience and skill created masks. Masks of demons, gods and heroes are made according to ancient tradition. A visit to the shop next door is a must. For more information

    srilankareisen.lk River safari Sri Lanka Holiday Tours

    River Safari

    We normally go for the river safari on the Bentota River, but also very popular is the Madu River. The ecosystem around the rivers is very diverse. During the river cruise for some hours we will see the mangrove forests, birds, fish and if we are lucky even a crocodile or two. The river safari is very suitable for children.

    srilankareisen.lk tea plantage sri lanka tours

    Handunugoda Tea Factory

    Herman Teas in Ahangama calls himself an independent global luxury tea brand. The plantation is located in the southern province of Ahangama. The passion of Malinga Herman Gunaratne, "Mr Herman", is it to produces tea in the family-run factory. In addition to the production of black tea, Mr. Herman also produces one of the world's most expensive teas - the "Virgin White Tea“. We take a little walk in the plantation, drink a cup of tea, visit the small factory and if we are lucky, we can will even have small tasting. For more information

    srilankareisen.ch travel yala national park

    Yala National Park

    Yala National Park is Sri Lanka's most popular and most visited national park. Yala National Park is the oldest nature reserve in Sri Lanka. There are about 30 mammals and over 130 bird species to watch. Most commonly seen are elephants, leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles, mongooses, monkeys and, of course, the diversity of birds. The park can only be visited with a local guide. We start this day trip early in the morning. We want to be in the park at 6am. The tour in the park is done in an open safari jeep.

    srilankareisen.lk antiques tours


    Sri Lanka has an old tradition in making furniture and wood. Along the south and west coast there are some beautiful antique shops with furniture, pictures, doors, lamps, and other very decorative objects from the colonial era. If you are interested: the goods can also be shipped to Europe. A full day trip is recommended here

    srilankareisen.lk sri lanka galle fort

    Galle Fort

    A trip to Galle Fort is part of every trip to Sri Lanka. Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that invites you to linger, stroll, shop and enjoy. The Portuguese began to build the port city in the 16th century, the Dutch took over the city in the 17th century and finished the work. Subsequently, it was used for the most part by the English, after it was taken over by the Dutch in 1796. The lighthouse and the city walls are the landmarks of the city. Galle Fort has a lot to offer: lots of small streets, colonial style buildings, charming shops, exclusive hotels, good food and much more..

    srilankareisen.lk tours Marissa Whale Watching Sri Lanka

    Whale Watching

    Would you like to see the biggest mammals of this planet close up? Then come on the boat in the Indian Ocean on the south coast. From Mirissa, whale watching is recommended. The tour starts at 06.00 in the morning. If you are lucky dolphins are also seen.

    srilankareisen.lk sri lanka dua walawa national park tours

    Uda Walawe National Park

    Among the most popular national parks in Sri Lanka is Uda Walawe in the south of the country. Especially the many free-living elephants make it a popular destination. The approximately 300 square kilometers large park was declared a nature reserve in 1972. In addition to some forests, there are mainly open grasslands here. Accordingly, there are good opportunities for animal sightings, especially at rivers and waterholes.

  • Plan you trip

    Before you start the trip to Sri Lanka, here are some useful information.



    You can conveniently apply for and pay for your visa online at www.eta.gov.lk. You can apply upon arrival at the airport. To apply for a visa, you need a valid passport (valid for 6 months), a valid return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the stay. Price for the moment USD 35.- per person and visa.



    After no new infections were registered in the country for three and a half years, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Sri Lanka malaria-free in September 2015. Nevertheless, it is recommended to protect against mosquito bites. In case of fever, one should control the blood, since there is also the danger of other diseases. The following vaccinations are recommended for everyone: diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, hepatitis A in specific situations, the following vaccinations are recommended: hepatitis B, typhoid fever, rabies, Japanese encephalitis

    Time Zone


    The time difference between Sri Lanka and Central European Time Zone is 4 1/2 hours in winter and 3 1/2 hours in summer. Sri Lanka is in the so-called "Indian Standard Time (IST)" time zone.



    The official currency is Sri Lanka Rupee (RS). The rupee is divided into 100 cents. Usually people pay cash in Sri Lanka. Card payments are possible in larger hotels and shops. Cash can also be withdrawn well at ATMs. Very often, US dollar, EURO and Swiss Francs are also accepted as currency..

  • Sports in Sri Lanka

    During your stay in Sri Lanka you can enjoy you preferred sports.

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