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Animals in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is home to some of the most beautiful wild animals in the world. The Wildlife of Sri Lanka includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats. Many of the plants and animals in Sri Lanka are endemic to the country, which means you will only find them here. Sri Lanka is a wildlife hotspot with countless of national parks and forest reserves. The small island of Sri Lanka is populated by wild animals such as birds, reptiles, elephants, sloth bear and leopards. But many of these beautiful animals are endangered.

„The Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), the legal custodian of wildlife in Sri Lanka, has designated seven flagship species as the Top Seven Wild Sri Lanka at it's 65th Anniversary commemorated in 2014. While it was long overdue in Sri Lanka, Africa named it's flagship species as the Big Five sometime back. Sri Lanka’s Top Seven represent the land and the sea animals and are namely elephant, leopard, bear, black-necked stork and saltwater crocodile who inhabit some of the national parks and their environs; leatherback turtle and blue whale who inhabit the Sri Lankan waters.“ animals elephants leopard