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Cities and Villages in Sri Lanka

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Ahungalla is a small town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Ahungalla is especially known for the kilometer-long and wide beautiful sandy beach. Ahungalla is 15 km south of Bentota and 40 km north of Galle. The railway line between Galle and Colombo has a stop in Ahungalla. The most famous building in the village is the luxury hotel Heritance Ahungalla (formerly Hotel Triton), built by star architect Geoffrey Baja. In 2016, the Spanish hotel chain RIU opened the largest hotel in Sri Lanka in Ahungalla. Since 2017 you find the beautiful Bed & Breakfast in this village


A small town on the southwest coast between Beruwela and Bentota. The city has a small center with some interesting shops. The core is not really pretty, but active and hectic. On Monday it has a market in the village center. Here you find vegetables, spices, clothes, fish and other products. Aluthgama has one of the biggest railway station of the region. If you need to change money or visit a bank, Aluthgama is a good place to go. The most famous attraction is the temple Kande Vihara below on the picture. Aluthgama Cities and villages in Sir Lanka


Ambalangoda is located on the west coast between Bentota and Hikkaduwa. The city is more for the locals than for tourists, it is always crowed and active. Ambalangoda is famous for the big fishing harbour, the mask museum and the longest-lying Buddha statue (about 50 meters) in Asia. Ambalangoda is world famous for its mask carvers. The mask museum shows the most important masks and explains certain myths of the Sinhalese folk.


Arugam Bay is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka 320 km from Colombo in the dry zone. Arugam Bay is the surfing spot in Sri Lanka. It is the only place in Sri Lanka where they hold international surfing competitions. During the dry period February to October, when surfing is the most rewarding, the air temperatures reach up to 36° C. In addition to surfing you will also find an interesting wild life with wild elephants, crocodiles, monkeys and many birds.


Balapitiya is a fishing village and resort located about 80 kilometers south of Colombo, between Bentota and Ambalangoda on the west coast of Sri Lanka. The fishing village shines with golden beaches and beautiful lagoons. Not well known by tourists, the village is very genuine. Balapitiya is very close to the Madu River. Many people enjoy the river safari on the Madu River.


3 km south of Colombo lies the River Bentota and the popular seaside resort of Bentota with its wide beaches and small restaurants. About eight kilometers long and mostly deserted - this is how the beach of Bentota presents itself. Also for (water) sports enthusiasts there is plenty to do: kiting, surfing, cruising on a boat, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkelling, jet skiing. The fantastic location between the Bentota River and the sea invites to linger and relax.


Beruwela is located 2 kilometers north of Aluthgama and Bentota on the west coast of Sri Lanka. The wonderful and long sandy beach makes Beruwela a major attraction in the area. Here are some of the well-known Ayurveda hotels. The city is located on the railway line between Colombo and Galle. beruwela


Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo is located on a peninsula on the west coast of the island. The city was once a small fishing village. Its location as a protected natural harbor made the village a trading port for spices. The city became the center of the lucrative spice trade, with cinnamon playing the main role for a long time. Colombo means on Sinhala harbor, since the 5th century the city is known as a port city. Since the 8th century also the muslim traders settled down here. (Even today, the market district Pettah, which is close to the harbor, is mainly inhabited by muslims.) After the independence in 1948, the city became the political center of the island. After Sri Lanka's independence in 1948, Colombo continued to be the capital. Since 1982, however, the seat of government of the country is in Sri Jayewardenepura in the southeast of Colombo. Worth mentioning are the buildings worth seeing: the old colonial parliament building, the Town Hall of Colombo and the National Museum in Colombo.


Ella is a small village in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It lies at an altitude of around 1000 meters above sea level. surrounded by tea plantations. Ella has become a destination for individual tourists. The mountain village is perfect for travelers who want to experience the authentic nature of Sri Lanka while hiking. Walks to the waterfalls of Little Adams Peak and Ella Rock are worthwhile. In Ella you also find the beautiful Nice Arch Bridge. The most exclusive hotel in the village is 98 acres, which is definitely worth a visit. 98 acres hotel ella sri lanka


Galle is a coastal city on the west coast, 155 km from Colomb,o and also the capital of the southern province. The old town of Galle is located on a peninsula, which was already in the 16th century a major trading port. At that time, the Portuguese first conquered the city and built a wall around it, then in 1640 the Dutch managed to make Galle the capital of the Dutch Ceylon. In 1796 Sri Lanka came into the possession of the British, who made Colombo to the capital and Galle lost it's importance. Today, the Fort in Galle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Galle Fort is worth a stop. It has many colonial old buildings, small cafes and shops.


Hikkaduwa is a small coastal town in the southwest of Sri Lanka, about 100 km south of the state capital Colombo and 20 km north of the provincial capital Galle. Hikkaduwa was once a sleepy fisher village, but in recent years it has become very popular for backpackers and other tourists. In Hikkaduwa you find beaches, many shops and an extravagant nightlife. It is possible to surf and dive in Hikkaduwa. For snorkelers and divers, the coral banks of Hikkaduwa is a paradise.


Induruwa is a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The beautiful wide beach and the still quite untouristic area makes Induruwa exciting for people who seek sun and beach in peace.


It is the capital of North Province and it is the most important city in the Tamil populated north. The Jaffna peninsula at the northernmost end of Sri Lanka, with its geographical location and mentality, is closer to South India than to Colombo. For 20 years, due to the war, this cultural center of the north has not been accessible to tourists. Jaffna Dutch Fort was completed in 1792 and has a typical star shape. During the civil war, it was heavily bombed and now it has beed renovated in large-scale.

Jaffna Public Library is one of the main monument here and shows the intellectual center in the north. The Jaffna Library is a memorial and symbol of the massive civil war destruction that held a priceless collection of what was considered to be the best in South Asia, including well-preserved palm leaf manuscripts, personal collections of scholars, centuries-old newspapers. All these historic irreplaceable treasures were ruthlessly burned in 1981. In 1989, the government began to rebuild the library through domestic and foreign donations.


Kandy is surrounded by surrounded by a lovely mountain scenery and by the Mahaweli Ganga, the longest river of Sri Lanka. Kandy is the fourth largest city in the country and at the same time spiritual and religious center. In the 14th century Kandy became the capital, but this changed in 1815, when the last king was captured by the British. Here at Kandy Lake, the Sri Lankan Buddhists worship the most famous of all the relics of Buddha, the sacred tooth. Kandy Hills Sri Lanka

The Tooth Temple, Dalada Maligawa, was built in the 18th century. Inside the altar the sacred relic of the canine Buddha is kept. Allegedly, the Portuguese destroyed it during the colonial era. But the Buddhists claim that it was a copy. The big buddha statue in the Tooth Temple is made of solid gold. The Tooth Temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Buddhism. Once a year in August, a feast takes place and the tooth is carried on an elephant through the street. It lasts for ten days and this is the most significant religious festival in Sri Lanka.


Koggala is located east of Galle on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Koggala enjoys the location between the sea and the Koggala Lake. In the sea it is still possible to see the fishermen on the stilts. Here this tradition is still alive. Early in the morning and in the afternoon it is possible to see this. Very often though it is only for the tourists. If you show your camera, you will have to pay something. 

A few kilometers inland you find the large Koggala lake. Since the lake is connected to the sea, it is slightly salted. It is recommended to take a boat trip on the lake. There are mangroves here and tropical animals and birds to watch. In the lake there are some islands, including a monk's island with a Buddhist monastic school and a Cinnamon Island, where a family grows and processes the cinnamon.


Matara is situated on the southern coast, 160 km from Colombo. It is a major commercial hub, and it is the administrative capital of the Matara District, which was gravely affected by the tsunami in December 2004. Matara is a busy, booming and sprawling commercial town that owes almost nothing to tourism – which makes it a fascinating window to the modern Sri Lankan life. Matara’s main attractions are its ramparts, Dutch architecture, a well-preserved fort and its street life.


Mirissa is a tourist center on the south coast of the island only 200 kilometers from the equator. Mirissa is located between Weligama and Matara and is known for its sandy beach. Fortunately, the space is missing for larger hotel complex, so Merissa has still been able to maintain the status of an insider tip. In addition, the place is a popular starting point for the observation of the blue whales and the dolphins. mirissa beach sri lanka


Mount Lavinia is a suburb along the coast south of Colombo. The area is mostly a residential suburb. Mount Lavina is also called the golden mile. This is because the beaches are beautifully long and golden. For a long time, this region has been a hotspot for tourism and nightlife. It is one of the most liberal regions in Sri Lanka and has hosted the annual Gay Pride and Rainbow Kite Festival since 2005.


Negombo is just 10 km from the Colombo International Airport. Negombo is next to the tourism known for the largest fishing port in Sri Lanka. The approximately 3 km long beach is located in sufficient distance to the port and the busy city with its many shops. Negombo beach has the classic touristic infrastructure with Ayurveda centers, massage practices, motorbike rentals, tennis and squash courts, mini golf, bars and restaurants, diving schools, souvenir shops, jewelers, etc.


Nuwara Eliya, "City of Light", is a small town of approximately 25,000 inhabitants in the Central Province of Sri Lanka (1990 m. M.), which is surrounded by beautiful scenic mountains. The place was built by Samuel Baker as a resort for the British colonial officials. Many of the buildings have survived to this day, e.g. the hotel hill club. Attractions including Victoria Park, Hakgala Gardens and Galway's Land Bird Sanctuary. There is also a motorcycle race track (Diyatalawa circuit), a Formula 3 racing circuit, a horse racing track and an 18-hole golf course known nationwide.

The the hill area around Newark Eliya you will find the famous Sri Pada or Adam's Peak, the National Park Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. Outside of Newara Eliya you will also find the Horton Plains National Park, which is home to a 1,050 meter deep rock outcrop called the World's End. The mountainous area around the town also has several large waterfalls and reservoirs such as the Lake Gregory. Since the land is very fertile here fruits and vegetables are easily cultivated. The tea loved by the Englishmen grows splendidly, so the area around Nuwara Eliya is the main tea area of ​​Sri Lanka. nuwara eliya


Tangalle is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The name means "protruding rock" and refers to the rocks that form the coast in the area of ​​the city. Tangalle is a fishing port of regional importance and a sub-center of tourism. In the city center you find an old fort, which is now used as a prison. The city serves as a starting point for visits to the nearby rock temple of Mulkirigala.


Trincomalee is the capital of the Eastern Province and is located in the northeast of the island, about 180 km northeast of the city of Kandy. It has one of the largest natural deep sea ports in the world. Often the abbreviation Trinco is used for the place. Most backpackers visit Trinco en route to the nearby Uppuveli and Nilaveli beaches.


Unawatuna is probably one of the best known beaches and seaside resorts in Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is only 10 kilometers south of Galle. If you are looking for a holiday where other people go on holiday then this is the place for you. Here backpackers meet luxury vacationers. Along the beach there are nice sun loungers and great restaurants. In the street behind the beach you will find everything your heart desires. Unawatuna is also known for diving and snorkeling. unawatuna beach sri lanka