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Hiking and trekking in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has a lot to offer as a trekking country. You can go hiking through tea plantations and tropical forests. Even culture-interested hikers will get their money's worth. The island still has plenty of cultural treasures and sights to discover. During the trekking, nature lovers may be lucky enough to see elephants, various species of monkeys, wild bear as well as monitor lizards.

The highlights is the so called Sri Pada or Adams Peak. The 2,243 meter high mountain is considered a place of pilgrimage, because on the summit of the footprint of Buddha, Adams or Shiva. The ascent is a unique experience and the sunrise that you can experience from the top is the reward for all your efforts. There are many other areas to go hiking in Sri Lanka. The national park of Horton Plains or Sinharaja Rainforest are two great spots. hiking trekking sri lanka