• Hotels Ayurveda and Wellness

    We have hand picked this selection of hotels for you.

    14 night Ayurveda Light BoBo's Bed & Breakfast, Ahungalla

    Transform yourself with the help Ayurveda, yoga and balance.

    14 nights Ayurveda Duwabedda, Kosgoda Cinnamon Estate,

    Ayurveda totally individual in the midst of 5 acre cinnamon.

    Pure Nature Ayurveda House Bentota Sri Lanka

    13 nights Pure Nature Ayurveda House, Bentota

    Healing in the nature in the Bentota area. Relax and enjoy!

    Ananda Ayurveda Resort Kosgoda Sri Lanka

    14 nights ANANDA Ayurveda Resort, Kosgoda

    Beautiful location at at the beach.


    Roman Lake Ayurveda Balapitiya

    14 nights Roman Lake Ayurveda, Balapitiya

    Enjoy the time at the river side.


    Shakti Vani Ayu, Ayurveda,


    Ayurveda on the east cost.


  • Knowledge around Ayurveda - we love

    Come to Sri Lanka and experience Ayurveda

    Ayurveda About

    Knowledge of Life

    Ayurveda is the over 5000 year old written medicine of India, which deals mainly with the maintenance of the harmony of body, mind and soul. The word Ayurveda is a combination of the words "Ayus," meaning "life" or "life principle" and "veda," which means a system of knowledge. In summary, "Ayurveda" can be translated as "knowledge of life". Ayurveda means "the knowledge of healthy life". Ayurveda tries to heal people in a holistic sense.

    Ayurveda is for whom?

    For men and women in the following life situations:

    • I have too much stress in life and need some rest.
    • I want to lose weigh, I need a detox.
    • In need to recharge my batteries, I need energy.
    • I'm close to burnout and need a break.
    • I have a specific illness, rash or pain, is Ayurveda for me?
    • I want to eat healthier.
    • I think I need a change in my life.
    • I love the vegetarian food in Ayurveda.

    What is Panchakarma?

    Panchakarma is an ultimate reset.

    Panchkarma is often referred to as the health cure par excellence. Panchakarma is a cleansing cure in Ayurvedic medicine. The cure rebalances stressed, stressed, irradiated and intensively working people.

    What can Ayurveda heal?

    You want to know more about Ayurveda

    The Ayurvedic medicine can heal many different sicknesses. Read more about the details here,


    Inner Wisdom

    Ayurveda makes you ​​more calm and order in your everyday actions and also in your feelings and thoughts. This creates a space for the development of creative processes and for spiritual growth. Learning to live from your inner live wisdom. This is the basic mission of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a philosophy of life that is used to purify the soul and detoxify the body. Ayurveda is a holistic life wisdom or life science that includes Ayurvedic massage and cleansing techniques, nutrition science, yoga and botany.

    Ayurveda - a life style

    A lifestyle for health and healing

    Ayurveda is not a cure in itself. It is probably a way of life, a way to understand life. It describes a lifestyle for health and healing. The focus and goal of Ayurvedic treatment is to activate the body's self-healing powers. Living in harmony with nature and with yourself often means that you have to purify your body energetically and physically and that you adapt your diet to your individuality.

    Preparation for your next stay

    You already booked your next Ayurvedic stay?

    Here we give you 10 tips how to prepare for your next Ayurvedic Treatment. Read more and start the holiday already now.

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